Fetch Play Overview

Fetch Play Overview

Play games and earn points with Fetch Play! Get started by going to Social and tapping the Play tab.

New players

If this is your first time using Fetch Play, tap Browse games and enable notifications to stay updated on the points you're earning. Allow tracking for Fetch to get points for completing the tasks of each game.

Browse the variety of free games listed. To play a game, tap Play now and download it to your device. Games on Fetch Play are personalized just for you, with new games added all the time.

If you've downloaded and played a game in the past, you're not eligible to earn points from that game, even if you redownload it through Fetch Play.

Returning players

To view points you've earned from games or download new games, launch Fetch Play by tapping the Play button next to your point balance.

Browse the Catalog to see other games available for download or tap My games to see your progress in games you already have.

Earning points

Tap any game to view how to earn points. When you complete a milestone, points are automatically added to your Fetch account.

App tracking allows Fetch to communicate with the games you download and award you points for your in-game progress. Tracking must be enabled to earn with Fetch Play. Please ensure you’re not using a private browser.

If you're having trouble earning points, close and reopen the Fetch app and wait a full 24 hours. If you're still missing points, contact us at support@fetch.com and include the game that is causing issues.

Allowing tracking or data usage

iOS devices may require additional steps to allow app tracking:

    1. Tap Play next to your point balance, then tap Get started.
    2. Tap Continue on the "Allow activity tracking" screen, then Allow in the pop-up window.
      • If you're instead asked to change app permissions, follow the steps provided to allow the Fetch app to request activity tracking.
      • After enabling that setting, return to Fetch Play and tap Continue, then Allow.
    3. Accept the Terms of Service and get ready to start earning!

For more information on allowing tracking, check out this article.

Please note: Games are not created or managed by Fetch. In-game purchases are offered but are not required to earn points.

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