Allowing Tracking in Fetch Play

Allowing Tracking in Fetch Play

Activity tracking and data usage allow Fetch to award you points for your in-game milestones outside of the Fetch app. Activity tracking is only used for this purpose.

Here's how to enable activity tracking if you haven't yet:

iOS Devices

  1. Tap the Play button next to your point balance, then tap Get started.
  2. Tap Continue on the "Allow activity tracking" screen, then Allow.
    • If you are asked to change app permissions, you must follow the steps to allow Fetch to request activity tracking:
      image (10).png
    • After enabling that setting, return to Fetch Play and tap Continue, then Allow.
  3. Accept the Terms of Service and get ready to start earning points!

Android Devices

  1. In your device's Settings, tap Apps, then select Special access.
    • If you do not see Special access, tap the three dots in the corner to find it.
  2. Select Usage access or Usage data access.
  3. Find Fetch and enable access.

Ensure tracking is also enabled for the games you download. After that, you’ll be ready to start earning with Fetch Play!

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