How to Download and Play Games

How to Download and Play Games

Fetch Play offers a variety of free mobile games to earn Fetch points on! Here’s how to start earning points on your favorite games.

Downloading and playing games

Launch Fetch Play and tap Catalog to view your available games. These selections are personalized just for you, with new games added all the time.

Heads up, you won’t earn on games you’ve downloaded in the past. Even if you redownload them through Fetch Play. But there are tons of new games waiting for you in the app.

Tap Play now to download the game from the app store. Once downloaded, it will appear under My games in Fetch Play. Select the game to view your tasks and tap Play now to start earning points!

Be sure you’ve enabled app tracking or data usage for both the Fetch app and the game. Points cannot be awarded without tracking enabled, or while using a private browser.

Changing devices

Your Fetch Play progress is linked to your device. If you get a new device, games you’ve previously downloaded may still appear under My games but will no longer earn you points. Start earning again with a new game instead!

Please note: Games are not created or managed by Fetch. In-game purchases are offered but are not required to earn Fetch points.

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