Downloaded Game Missing From "My games"

Downloaded Game Missing From "My games"


A game I downloaded in Fetch Play isn’t showing up under My games.


Wait a couple minutes and reopen Fetch Play. It’s possible the game is still downloading and needs additional time to appear in your games section.

If the game has downloaded and it’s still not appearing, launch and play the game for a few minutes. Then return to Fetch Play to see if it’s listed.

If the game still does not appear, please ensure the following:

      • You've never downloaded the game in the past
      • You're using the same device the game was downloaded on through Fetch Play
      • Tracking/data usage is enabled for Fetch and your game
      • You are not using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or private browser
      • You have a strong mobile network or WiFi connection

If your game is still not appearing in Fetch Play, contact our Support Team at Include the name of the missing game and we'll investigate!

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