Is There a Receipt Snapping Limit on Fetch?

Is There a Receipt Snapping Limit on Fetch?

You may snap up to 35 receipts within an 8-day period on Fetch.

This is based on the date and time you snap the receipt, not the checkout date. The 8-day period is a rolling period, meaning you’re able to continue snapping receipts as previously submitted receipts fall outside of that window. 

Understanding The Limit

Say you snap 35 receipts in 3 days:

    • 5 on Monday
    • 10 on Tuesday
    • 20 on Wednesday

You may resume snapping up to 5 receipts the following Tuesday, up to 10 more the following Wednesday, etc.

Other Helpful Information

  • If you’re waiting to upload a receipt with an offer, you’ll receive your points as long as the checkout date is within the offer timeline and the offer is still active.
  • eReceipts don’t count toward the 35-receipt limit.
  • Rejected receipts count toward this 35-receipt limit, with the exception of duplicate submissions.


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