How to Snap Receipts

How to Snap Receipts

You can start earning rewards in a snap with Fetch!

To begin snapping receipts, open Fetch and tap the orange camera button. The option to snap physical receipts (orange) and scan eReceipts (blue) are available.


Physical Receipt Snapping Tips

Follow these tips for a successful snap:

    • Lay receipt flat on a solid, non-reflective surface
    • Ensure your receipt is not severely stained, smudged or crinkled
    • Snap receipts in a well-lit area to reduce shadows
    • Line up receipt edges with on-screen guide
    • Snap receipts in their entirety, including store name, checkout date, and total amount paid
    • For longer receipts, take multiple photos to capture entire receipt before submitting

Earning with eReceipts

You can earn points on online purchases, too. Tap the blue eReceipts button and connect your accounts to get started. Learn more about setting up eReceipts here.

Happy snapping!

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