Scanning Experience Improvements

Scanning Experience Improvements

We're revamping our eReceipt scanning experience to make it faster and easier to submit eReceipts! In addition to a new look, the process of scanning works differently.

These changes are only available to certain users during testing but will be available to all users soon. If your scanning experience doesn't match the information below, see this article.

Connecting Accounts

Tap the snap button and select the eReceipt option. Select an account you want to connect to then follow the on-screen directions to log in. You can connect additional accounts from the eReceipt landing page.

Scanning for eReceipts

Connected accounts are automatically scanned throughout the day. No need to manually scan on your own! If an account fails to scan, initiate a manual scan by tapping Scan for eReceipts now. If at any point you'd like to scan a specific account, tap the connected account and tap Scan [account].

Please note: We only accept shipped, delivered, or picked-up orders from the last 30 days.

Submitting eReceipt for Points

When eligible eReceipts are found, we'll notify you. With the eReceipts selected, tap Submit to process them for points.


Why is my eReceipt not showing up?

Check to make sure your eReceipt meets the eligibility criteria. See the criteria it must meet here.

What if my eReceipt is eligible but isn't scanning in?

If you have an eligible eReceipt that isn't scanning, there may be a hiccup in the process. Check out some of the troubleshooting found here and give it a go!

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