eReceipt Eligibility Requirements

eReceipt Eligibility Requirements

Fetch accepts more than just paper receipts. Scanning eReceipts makes it easy to get rewards for your online shopping, too.

To earn points with eReceipts, they must be:

From a supported retailer

Your eReceipt must be from a retailer we support. See a complete list here.

Sent to a connected account

Only certain email and retailer connections are supported.

If a supported retailer does not have a direct connection, eReceipts from that retailer are scanned through the connected email address they are sent to. Find eligible email connections here.

eReceipts forwarded from an email address not connected to the eReceipt feature aren't accepted.

Delivered to your primary inbox

To earn points on an eReceipt, it must appear in your email's primary inbox. Receipts in spam folders won't be submitted.

Submitted within 30 days 

Eligible eReceipts must be submitted within 30 days after the order was received.

Please note: Orders must be picked up or delivered before an eReceipt can be submitted. Purchases labeled as "Ordered" or "Shipped" will not be accepted. 


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