How to Redeem a Reward with Fetch

How to Redeem a Reward with Fetch

Here's how to turn your Fetch points into your favorite rewards.

  1. Tap your point balance in the top, right corner of the screen to open the rewards page.

  2. Select the reward you'd like, then your desired value, and tap Get my reward.
    3 - $25 option and Get Reward.png
    • If this is your first reward, only $10, $25, or $50 rewards are available. After redeeming a reward, $3 and $5 options will unlock for future redemptions.

  3. Wait 72 hours for your reward to process.

  4. You'll receive a notification when your reward is ready to use. Go to My rewards to access your reward.
    5 - Reward ready.png

  5. Follow vendor instructions to activate. You won't be able to use your reward until you complete this step.

Please note: Some rewards require a security code before they can be used. Learn more here.

All that's left to do now is enjoy your reward!

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