How to Redeem a Reward with Fetch

How to Redeem a Reward with Fetch

Here's how to turn your Fetch points into your favorite rewards.

  1. Go to the Rewards tab to browse hundreds of rewards.
    1 - Rewards tab and View all.png

  2. Select the reward you'd like, then your desired value, and tap Get my reward.
    3 - $25 option and Get Reward.png
    • At least 3,000 points are needed to redeem most rewards.
    • If this is your first reward, only $10, $25, or $50 rewards are available. After redeeming a reward, $3 and $5 options will unlock for future redemptions.

  3. Wait 72 hours for your reward to process.

  4. You'll receive a notification when your reward is ready to use. Go to My rewards to access your reward.
    5 - Reward ready.png

  5. Follow vendor instructions to activate. You won't be able to use your reward until you complete this step.

Please note: Some rewards require a security code before they can be used. Learn more here.

All that's left to do now is enjoy your reward!

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