Redeeming Rewards That Require Security Codes

Redeeming Rewards That Require Security Codes

Some rewards require a security code when redeeming.

The security code is a randomly generated 8-digit code. This code is used to unlock your gift card and access your reward credentials.

Once your reward has fully processed, redeeming it with a security code is quick and simple. Here’s how:

  1. Tap the Rewards tab, then My Rewards. Select your reward.
    1 - Security code reward ready.png

  2. Tap the Security Code box to automatically copy the code.
    2 - Security code reward code.png

  3. Tap the Security Code field and paste the code, then tap Unlock your reward.
    3 - Security code reward code entered.png

  4. The reward credentials needed to use your reward will appear along with retailer-specific instructions.
    4 - Security code reward credentials.png

Once you have your reward credentials, you're ready to use your gift card.


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