Why Am I Not Earning Points in Fetch Play?

Why Am I Not Earning Points in Fetch Play?

Missing points after completing a task in Fetch Play? Here are a few possible reasons why:

Points haven't been awarded yet

Points are awarded within 24 hours of completing a game's task. If a full 24 hours haven’t passed, sit tight. Points are on the way!

App Tracking/Data Usage isn't enabled

Activity tracking must be enabled to earn points with Fetch Play. Tracking allows the Fetch app to talk to the games you play and award you for completed tasks! Learn how to enable this setting here.

If you’ve started a game before enabling this setting, you won’t earn points from that game in the future. Try downloading a different game from your Catalog.

You've downloaded this game before

If you previously played the game before on any device prior to Fetch Play, or if you deleted it then reinstalled it through Fetch Play, points can not be earned from that game. Try one of the other games from your Catalog to continue earning points!

Task requirements haven't been met

In-game tasks can be quite specific. Read the requirements carefully and ensure you’ve done everything needed to complete the task and earn points. Try playing a little longer, or reaching a few more levels, to ensure a task was completed.

You have a new device

In-game progress and point accumulation occur exclusively on the device the game was originally downloaded on. If you played games previously and reinstalled them on a new device, you’ll no longer earn points on these games. 

Try a different game to continue earning with Fetch Play!

A VPN or private browser is in use

Active VPN (Virtual Private Networks) and private browsing prevent Fetch from awarding you for completing in-game tasks. Disable VPNs or private browsing to earn with Fetch Play.

We hope these tips were helpful! If you still feel like you’re owed points in Fetch Play, contact our Support Team at support@fetch.com. Include the game name and a detailed description of the issue.


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