Completing Game Tasks to Earn Points

Completing Game Tasks to Earn Points

Games offer a series of tasks you must complete to earn points. Tap a game to view available tasks and the points you can earn. Tasks and point values are personalized for you.

There are two types of tasks:

  1. Level-based: Requires you to reach a certain level in the game.
    Level Task.png
  2. Time-based: Requires you to play a certain amount of time in the game. 
    Time Task.png
    • After playing the minutes required by a task, time tracking resets and you must play the required minutes for the next task. Minutes for a single task do not need to be played consecutively.

Points are awarded to your Fetch account within 24 hours of completing a task. Tap the Play button next to your point balance to view the points you've earned in Fetch Play.

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