Why Was My Receipt Not Accepted?

Why Was My Receipt Not Accepted?

Having trouble submitting a receipt? There are a few reasons it may have been rejected. 

The receipt is older than 14 days

Receipts must be submitted within 14 days after their transaction date.

The receipt has already been submitted

Receipts can only be submitted once. If you’re confused about a receipt being rejected as a duplicate, check with friends and family members who may have already snapped it.

The receipt type is ineligible

These types of receipts are not currently accepted by Fetch:

    • Return receipts
    • Utility, medical, and service bills
    • Prescription refill slips
    • Movie, concert, and experience tickets
    • Airline tickets and baggage receipt tags
    • ATM and bank transactions
    • Takeout food slips without the restaurant name, total, or checkout date
    • Handwritten, non-itemized, and non-traditional receipt printer receipts

Having trouble submitting eReceipts? Click here for more information.

You've reached the receipt limit

You can submit 35 receipts over a 7-day period. Find more information here.

The receipt is missing info

To snap a receipt, you must capture the:

    • Store name
    • Checkout date
    • Total Spent

Find more information about snapping receipts here.

The receipt is from outside the U.S.

Only receipts from the U.S. and Puerto Rico are accepted at this time.

Your app is outdated

If you're having trouble submitting receipts, update the Fetch app to its latest version and try again.

If you believe a rejected receipt is eligible for points, please contact our Support Team at support@fetch.com.

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