What Are Offers?

What Are Offers?

Offers are the fastest way to earn points on Fetch! They reward you with points for fulfilling specific purchase requirements.

There are several types of offers on Fetch. Some require you to purchase a specific product. Others require you to buy multiple items, or spend a certain amount.

Once you meet the requirements of an offer and snap your receipt, you'll receive the bonus points associated with it.

Where Can I Find My Offers?

Find your offers on the Discover tab in the app.

Tap an offer to check details related to what needs to be purchased, where it needs to be purchased, how much needs to be spent, and more! 

Why Are My Offers Different From My Friends'?

The offers in your Fetch app are unique to you. Only offers in your app can be redeemed on your account.

Do Multipacks Count as Multiple or Individual Purchases?

No, multipacks are displayed as single items on most receipts. Only items purchased individually are counted toward multi-redemption offers.

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