View Past Receipts, Point History, and Shopping Stats

View Past Receipts, Point History, and Shopping Stats

On Fetch, you can view your previously submitted receipts, point history and shopping stats throughout the year.

To see this information, tap your Account tab then select Points activity.

Point History

Tap the points tab to see your point history, which includes points added for receipts and referrals and dedication for reward redemptions.


Receipt History

Tap the receipt tab to see your past receipts. Tap View by Year to find older receipts quickly.


Receipts with a purple border earned over 200 points. Well done!

Select a receipt to see its details like items purchased and points earned. Tap the picture icon in the top, right corner of the receipt details to view the photo you took of the receipt.


Points and Spend Stats

The charts at the top of your points balance page show your total points earned, dollars spent and spend by retailer throughout the year.

4 - Receipt and Points Stats.png

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